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Nalanda International University to be operational by 2013

The revived Nalanda University plans to start its first session at a new campus by 2013.

The tentative timetable was announced here today after a meeting of the Nalanda Mentor Group, the Amartya Sen-headed panel tasked with the revival plan, for the first time since the university’s act came into force.

Sen said he was delighted the ancient university could be revived in his lifetime. “Excellence and fairness in educating people in courses which are intellectually challenging and practically useful would be the guiding principles of the university,” the Nobel laureate said.

Vice-chancellor Gopa Sabharwal said in the first stage, the courses would include Buddhist studies, philosophy and comparative religion, historical studies and international relations and peace studies.

Some of the other programmes that could be offered in the initial phase include business management in relation to public policy and development studies, language and literature, ecology and environment studies and info…