Nalanda International University Mentor group !!

The Central Government of India constituted a Nalanda Mentor Group (NMG) in 2007, under the Chairmanship of Professor Amartya Sen (Nobel Prize Awarded) to examine the framework of international cooperation, and proposed structure of partnership, which would govern the establishment of this University as an international centre of Learning and excellent education. The University of Nalanda is proposed to be established under the aegis of the East Asia Summit (EAS), as a regional initiative. The NMG also has representatives from Singapore, China, Japan and Thailand. The NMG has met six times. The last meeting was held in New Delhi on 2-3 August 2010.

The Nalanda University mentor Group consists of these notable personalities:-

1) Amartya Sen - Professor at Harvard University.
2) Sugata Bose - Professor at Harvard University.
3) Wang Banwei - Professor at Beijing University.
4) Meghnad Desai - Emeritus Professor at London School of Economics.
5) George Yeo - Former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Singapore.
6) Tansen Sen - Associate Professor at Baruch College, CUNY.
7) Nand Kishore Singh - Member of Parliament - Rajya Sabha, India.


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