Nalanda International University updates

Nalanda International University was dreamt of by former President Kalam together with Prof Sen- two tallest Indians. Prof Sen then put together an eminent group of persons from Asia who represent their respective governments. These Asian governments will also contribute significantly to establishing the university that is being set up through an enabling legislation passed by the Indian Parliament. So it is not just India's university but an International University. The university is expected to become self sustaining and will not needs oodles of tax payers cash as most Indian university after ot has been set-up.

We in India seem to have become so bureaucratic in our approach that we do not realise that to establish an International Institution of higher education there is a need for a young and dynamic leader who is not constrainted by the self-defeating and uninspiring UGC. Infact you may be aware that UGC (and AICTE) will soon shut down and the end of its archaic processes including on recruitment and promotion will result in the commencement of the Golden Era for Higher Education in India. This will enable bright young academicians to become tenured professors in their late 20s and inspire thousands of Indian students to learn through modern and research oriented education practices. It will also break the stranglehold of fuddy-duddy professors who cant teach but still draw salaries.

And lastly, are we ashamed of the fact, that an educated young Indian academician has been selected by a very eminent international group persons to be its founder director. It seems that Bihar Times would have been happier on the selection of an expat or a fuddy-duddy Indian professor who cant even communicate properly with his students let alone manage the complexities of establishing an international university. Bihar Times has no pride in the fact that an Indian woman academician has been selected by such an eminent group.

An international university would require international salary scales, anything wrong with it. It seems that Bihar Times would have no issues if an expat would have recieved an internationally benchmarked salary but because an Indian is recieving it they have an issue with it.


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