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Grassroots heroes lead Bihar's rural revolution !!

Contemporary Bihar is not all about Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad. In recent times, the resurgent state has thrown up many unlikely heroes who have emerged as role models.

Bihar's resurgence begins at the grassroots level. For many years, villages in Bihar saw their youths migrating to other states in large numbers in search of livelihood. It was left to the minuscule minority of do-gooders to stay back and contribute their mite towards a silent agricultural revolution in the state.

Leading the pack of achievers are five young and doughty farmers from Darveshpura village from Nalanda district who recently created a new world record in paddy cultivation. Sumant Kumar had a bumper yield of 224 quintal per hectare which was enough to eclipse the world record set by a Chinese farm scientist Yuan Longping. Four of his friends from the same village - Krishna Kumar, Nitish Kumar, Ramanand Singh and Sanjay Kumar - also had extraordinary produce. So proud was the chief minister Nitish Kumar o…

Pillars for Nalanda dream-Construction of boundary wall begins at varsity site

Chief minister Nitish Kumar’s dream to see Nalanda International University become operational has finally started to take concrete shape with the construction of the first pillars beginning recently.

A signboard at the construction site states that Rs 10.19 crore has been sanctioned for the boundary wall of the proposed university, which would come up on a 450-acre plot located on the eastern Rajgir-Chhabilapur Road in the district.

Bihar Rajya Pul Nirman Nigam Ltd, an undertaking of the state road construction department, has appointed Allied Infrastructure Pvt Ltd to construct the boundary wall. The construction work began on December 22, 2011, following the finalisation of the agreement on December 20.

Gopa Sabharwal, the vice-chancellor-designate of Nalanda International University, told The Telegraph over phone from Delhi that the architectural design of the new institution would be finalised by the end of this year.

“The ongoing construction (of the boundary wall) around the land e…

Nalanda University will have Unique Design structure !!

Artists from India and abroad have made a replica of the proposed new structure of the ancient Nalanda University in Patna here today.

The setting up of this world famous historical academic institution has been the favourite project of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

The Nalanda University, at one time propagated Indian wisdom to the entire Orient such as China, Japan, Thailand and Indonesia.Its replica would prove to be a major educational and economic boon for Bihar and the country as well.Daina Hedden, an artist from Netherlands, said that it was a big challenge for her to make a replica of the ancient university structure.

"I was invited by the Bihar government to create an artwork which is influenced by the history of Bihar, so it was a challenge for me. So I came up with the idea to make a big tower with a cross shape inside. It is 20 feet high and made from rust-free steel so it's reflected from every corner," said Hedden.

Talking about the structure, her colleagu…

A global university rises in one of India’s most remote Area !!

Residents of Bihar, India’s poorest state, often remind visitors that their home was not always known for high levels of poverty and illiteracy. It used to be the cradle of Southeast Asian civilization and a place to which scholars from all over the world flocked. In the next few years, many are hoping that Bihar will regain some of this reputation when the Indian government constructs Nalanda International University, a project that is drawing interest and funding from countries across Asia.

The school is named after after an ancient Buddhist university that operated from the 5th to the 12th centuries A.D., until invaders burned it down. The new Nalanda will open on a 500-acre site near the brick ruins of its predecessor. Amartya Sen, a Nobel laureate and Harvard professor, leads its planning board, and countries including Japan, Singapore and, more recently, the United States, have offered support. But the plans to build a globally competitive research institution in the heart of pov…

Japan offers infrastructural help for Nalanda International University !!

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda has offered infrastructure and intellectual support to Nalanda International University.

A communiqué issued by the chief minister’s office late on Wednesday evening said that Nitish met the Japan Prime Minister in a New Delhi hotel on Wednesday.

Noda suggested Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar to identify the specific areas for collaboration and bilateral exchanges.
Development of Bodh Gaya also figured prominent during the talks.

Nitish thanked Noda for extending his support to the Nalanda International University.
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