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Rich Heritage Memories of Bihar

Bihar, the very name still paints a picture of corruption and crime in our heads. All thanks to the infamous Laloo Prasad under whose leadership, this Indian state earned much of its bad name. And, while much has changed and improved with change in the state's leadership, it is unlikely Bihar will ever make it to different publication's list of places to see before you die, but Bihar surprised me, BIG time. It charmed me with its nothingness. Its vast empty lands brought me peace. It gave me a break that I needed. And, for these reasons and more, Bihar has made it to my list of places to visit second time, around.

Our first stop enroute to Bodh Gaya, Nalanda is historically known for being an important centre of learning for Buddhists. It has been said that Nalanda University during its heyday housed more than 10,000 students, a fact difficult to believe for today nothing much of the glorious university remains except for its red brick ruins. Nevertheless, Nalanda as se…

Thailand gives USD 100,000 for Nalanda varsity revival project

Efforts to revive the Nalanda University got a major boost today with Thailand extending USD 100,000 to the project and pledging more funds from the Thai private sector. "The Government of Thailand has been delighted to present USD 100,000. One Thai company made an initial investment of USD 5000. I have informed the university vice chancellor that four other companies have followed suit," Thai Ambassador to India Pisan Manawapat told PTI here.

Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, during her recent visit to India, had, in fact, encouraged the Thai business companies here to donate for the project, said the varsity's vice chancellor Gopa Sabarwal. She said the Thai government has opened a special account for the Nalanda University and money has come in there. Piloted by the Ministry of External Affairs, the Nalanda University revival project has been gaining steam in the past few years with the enactment of a law to give the varsity a stand-alone status with special pro…

What Billions of Indians can do? - very inspiring