Nalanda University: It is to be revived as Harvard of Bihar !!

Nalanda emerged as a University much before the learning centres were set up in Europe. The ruins tell the story of learning cum monastic centre which had students from Korea,Japan,China,Tibet, Greece,Turkey and many other countries.

The Bazar shadowing the entry to the ruins is filled with Tum Tums,Tata(cars) and Tibetans.During the time i.e.end of Dec.2011when we went to this unforgettable place, there were about 90% of the tourists from Budhist countries.The Bazar is rich source of money to the exchequer of Bihar. The Nalanda University is an architect's delight. During its heyday, the university offered Sanskrit,public health,medicine and economics in the truly Budhist traditions. The Centre had eight compounds,10 temples,meditation halls, classrooms,lakes and parks. It accommodated 10,000 students and more than 2000 teachers.

The idea for Revival of Nalanda as a centre of higher learning was proposed by the then President of India,Shri A.P.J.Abdul Kalam in 2006. The Nalanda University Bill 2010 was passed by both houses of Parliament and became an Act. The first phase of this reconstruction and revival is likely to begin by mid 2014. It will be different from today 's Oxford or Standford.It will not be modern materialistc centre of learning. It will be rather be a path to Nirvana.

The new Campus will be designed through global design competition.It would be committed to a sustainable environment and one of the first school will be the one on ecology and environment Each section of the new interdisciplanary buildings will "speak to each other the way scholars would like do".

It could be that the revival of this Varisty and other religious places like Ayodhaya,Thiruvananthapuram and other heritage places (as envisaged) could be regeneration of new India where there is no materialism,secterian hatred and misunderstandings. Perhaps there would be no sunset.

Bihar could be once again Vihar of Buddhists values, of middle path, away from excruciating pain and mindless ecstasy. It could be as Green as this as this route to Nalanda shows.
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