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Ancient Indian Universities A Platonic Academy of Education !!

Nalanda was an old center for higher learning which was located in the State of Bihar, India. It came up in 427 and was operational till 1197. Located in northeastern part of India, it was not far away from Nepal’s southern border of today’s time. Its devotion was towards Buddhist studies but the university also used to train students in medicine, astronomy, war art, fine arts, mathematics and politics. This center of education had 8 separate compounds, meditation halls, lakes, parks, 10 temples and classrooms. It had one nine-story library where monks scrupulously copied documents and books so that each scholar could have a set of his own.

It had hostels for students. This made it the first educational institution, which housed 10,000 students inside the university’s premises. It also provided accommodations to 2,000 professors. This university attracted scholars and pupils fromJapan,Tibet,Persia,Korea,China,IndonesiaandTurkey. This site has large number of little monasteries where mo…

Nalanda University; The controversial hub

Parliament passed Nalanda University Act on Aug 2010 to revive the University as center for learning on the lines of ancient University in Rajgir, Bihar, so that could become “an icon of Asian renaissance.”

This ambitious project of Govt of India was first mooted in 1990’s but it was former President APJ Kalam who talked about this vision during the joint session of the Bihar Assembly in 2006 to set up a university on ruins of ancient Nalanda which is a center of excellence, linking past with future knowledge.

After that Government of India set up Mentor Group headed by Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen to give shape to this ambitious project., the panel including the member of stakeholder countries like then Singapore‘s Foreign Minister George Yeo , Prof Wang Banwei of Peking University and academicians like lord Meghnand Desai, Prof Sugata Bose , University, Prof Tansen Sen, who work in western universities, and N.K.Singh Member of Parliament, was given the mandate recommend how to…

Indian Education In A State Of Emergency: Amartya Sen

The state of education and other human development indices in India is in a state of emergency, says Prof. Amartya Sen, the Noble laureate. Asian countries like Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong and Thailand have overtaken India in providing quality education to their people, said the noble laureate. “While these countries took lead, we were left behind and we have paid a huge price for it,” added Amartya Sen. Indians generally do well in high skills related jobs like IT, but the middle segment jobs are the most affected ones. This shows how the various sectors of the economy are not widely shared, reports The Financial Express.In a recent deliberation, Sen along with Prof. Sugata Bose of Harvard University shared their vision on the Nalanda University. Sen was appointed as the first chancellor of Nalanda University and also the chairman of the University governing body.Sen said “The University came into existence in Bihar eight hundred years ago and there were challenges in revi…

Nalanda University to start academic session from 2014

Chancellor of University- Amartya Sen said that the School of Historical Studies and School of Environment and Ecological Studies will start functioning from 2014, if things completed according to plan.

Addressing a function Nobel laureate Amartya Sen said, "We will start a new academic journey with School of Economics and Management and School of Information Technology." Stressing on increased Public Private Partnership for building the university, Sen lauded the efforts of the Centre as well as the Bihar Government for giving shape to the university, located in the town of Rajgir which contains within it a memory of the ancient Nalanda University.

It may be called that Nalanda University was established in November 2010. It came into being by a special Act of the Indian Parliament - a testimony to the important status it occupies in the Indian intellectual landscape.

Member, University's mentor group, Sugata Bose said the university has approved 26 faculty position, 13 ea…