Saturday, August 4, 2012

Indian Education In A State Of Emergency: Amartya Sen

The state of education and other human development indices in India is in a state of emergency, says Prof. Amartya Sen, the Noble laureate.

Asian countries like Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong and Thailand have overtaken India in providing quality education to their people, said the noble laureate. “While these countries took lead, we were left behind and we have paid a huge price for it,” added Amartya Sen. Indians generally do well in high skills related jobs like IT, but the middle segment jobs are the most affected ones. This shows how the various sectors of the economy are not widely shared, reports The Financial Express.

In a recent deliberation, Sen along with Prof. Sugata Bose of Harvard University shared their vision on the Nalanda University. Sen was appointed as the first chancellor of Nalanda University and also the chairman of the University governing body.

Sen said “The University came into existence in Bihar eight hundred years ago and there were challenges in reviving it.

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