Dialogue must for world’s balanced development !!

Former Union Minister Murli Manohar Joshi has said that Dharma and Dhamma have similar roots. Dialogue between Sanatan Dharma and Buddhism is the need of the hour. This only will pave the way for balanced global development. Joshi was addressing the concluding session of two-day International Dharma-Dhamma Convention at Vidhan Sabha building here on Sunday. Culture Minister Laxmikant Sharma also expressed his views on the occasion.

Joshi said that Guatam Buddha never believed anything blindfolded. He used to examine a thing on merit basis and then accept or reject it.

Joshi informed that besides Buddhism, education of Vedas was also imparted at Nalanda. He said that such education should also be imparted at Sanchi Buddhist and Indic Studies University. Joshi also threw light on similarities between Buddhism and Brahmanism. He said that a balance and middle path will have to be adopted for human welfare and development. If we succeed in properly propagating principles of Dharma and Dhamma in entire world, these problems will also be solved.

He said that unending desires are the root cause of man’s miseries. Therefore, besides everyone’s welfare and everyone’s happiness, this convention should also give the message of controlling desires.

Joshi praised Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan for establishment of Sanchi Buddhist University and described him as a dynamic Chief Minister. Culture and Public Relations Minister Sharma said that conventions’ conclusion will be published in book form. Besides, a booklet containing photographs of entire event will also be published. He informed that World Sanskrit Literature Convention will be held next month. Sharma informed that foundation of Hindi University will be laid soon.

At the convention, Vedacharya David Frawley (Vamdev Shastri) said that ancient knowledge will be taught in modern context at Sanchi Buddhist University. He said that Dharma and Dhamma teach to increase humanitarian relations. The Vamdev Shastri said that Dharma and Dhamma mean that all the hearts should light up with spiritual light. He also laid stress on yoga and meditation.

Rammohan informed about Sanchi Declaration and research papers presented during the plenary session. Ven Vangla Upastissa Nayaka Thero informed that Sanchi Buddhist and Indic Studies University is the result of three years’ hard work. For this, he lavished praise on Chief Minister and Culture Minister.
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