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Will Nalanda University Be A Success ?

In about early-to-mid 2000s, the Indian government realized that the country’s higher education sector was falling behind both in terms of the required number of higher education institutions for its growing population as well as the quality of education.

The government’s newly-constituted National Knowledge Commission (NKC) noted in its first report (2006) that there was a “quiet crisis in higher education in India which runs deep.” The Commission called for, among other things, setting up 50 National Universities to “provide education of the highest standard,” building more than 1,000 new universities, developing strong linkages between teaching and research, changes in the regulatory structure in higher education, and increases in public spending on higher education.

In a nutshell, two broad sets of challenges in India’s higher education sector have been widely recognized for at least a decade. The first is the urgent need to build thousands of new institutions. Such an expansion ha…

Amartya Sen wants Nalanda University on Unesco heritage list !!

Nobel laureate Professor Amartya Sen today described as “outrageous” not including the Nalanda International University in the Unesco heritage list and urged the world body to mend its “mistake” at the earliest.

“It is really outrageous (not to include Nalanda university in the Unesco heritage list,” Sen, who is chancellor of the varsity, told reporters. He urged the world body to “mend its mistake” and include the historic university in its list of heritage sites.

The International Advisory panel headed by former Singapore External Affairs minister George Iyo of the university is also working on this, he said after a meeting of governing board of the university.

The noble laureate said the central government should also work to help the university get UNESCO heritage list. Member of the university’s international advisory panel and MP, N K Singh “this is injustice with the Nalanda university”.

The union government should take effective steps for this, he said pointing out that senior C…

Singapore to donate library to Nalanda university !!

Singapore has decided to donate a library to the upcoming Nalanda International University in Bihar.

Singapore will design, build and donate a state-of-the-art library, estimated to cost $5-7 million to the university, former foreign minister of Singapore George Yeo told reporters ahead of a Nalanda Monitoring Committee meeting in Rajgir in Nalanda district, about 100 km from here.

Yeo, who heads the international advisory panel for raising funds for the university, said the board led by Nobel laureate economist Amartya Sen that met in Patna Monday approved Singapore's proposal.

"People of Singapore are upbeat and keen on making their contribution to the university project," he said.

Many countries, including Singapore, China, Thailand and Japan, have showed keen interest in helping the university.

The university is set to begin academic activities from the 2013-14 session from rented premises with two subjects -- historical studies and environment and ecological studies.


Eight firms keen to design Nalanda University !!

Eight architectural companies, including six from abroad, have shown interest in designing the upcoming Nalanda University in Bihar, the vice chancellor said on Friday.

"We are happy that eight companies, including two Indian companies, have submitted their proposals for a global competition to finalize the design for the university," Gopa Sabharwal said here.

She said the short-listed firms would be called to make their presentation either this month or next month.The university is set  to come up on 446 acres in Rajgir, 10 km from the site of the ancient university in Nalanda district, southeast of Patna.

The university will be fully residential, like the ancient Nalanda university. It will offer courses in science, philosophy and spiritualism along with social sciences. The project took shape in 2006 at the initiative of then president A P J Abdul Kalam. The ancient university at Nalanda was home to over 10,000 students and nearly 2,000 teachers. It existed until 1197 and a…