Monks came forward and saved Buddhism in Sri Lanka in the past while it was driven out from India !!

Nalanda is believed to be the world’s first University and the largest Buddhist one at that. Situated in east of Patna in India it accommodated over 10,000 students and 2,000 teachers from Korea, Japan, China, Tibet, Indonesia, Persia and Turkey in its heyday. Subjects covered included science, astronomy, medicine and chiefly metaphysics and philosophy. Nagarjuna, a Mahayana philosopher and Dharmapala, the Brahmin scholar taught there. Hieun-Tsang, famous Chinese traveller and scholar stayed there. The university library had been the most renowned repository of Buddhist knowledge anywhere and its collection was said to comprise hundreds of thousands of volumes. Do you know what had happened to all that treasure and Buddhism in India after that?

First about what happened to Nalanda University. A Man named Bakhtiar Khilji, a military General of Qutb-ud-din Aybak, Turkic king who ruled a part of India from Delhi ransacked Nalanda and set fire to it in 1193. The university is said have burned for months.

Why do a military General want to desecrate and burn a peaceful and a serene monastery? To answer that question you’ll have understand the religion of the General and his gang who burned it; Islam. You’ll have to understand the mentality of Islamists. And for that you have to download copy of the Koran and read it. To assist you, let me say, over 60% of the Koran is not about Muslims but non-Muslims who their prophet named as unbelievers. Therefore non-Muslims like us have the rights know what Koran tells Muslims about us, unbelievers.

We ought to know that Koran tells Muslims about inferiority of non-Muslims. They must know that Koran compares non-Muslims to vile animals and Allah’s dark plans for their eternal torture. They must know Koran dehumanizes non-Muslims, describing them as “animals” and beasts; like in 98:6, 8:55, 7:166, 7:179 and etc. They must know that Koran tells Muslims not to take Non-Muslims as Friends; like in 58:22, 4:144, 5:51, 3:118 and etc. They must know Koran orders Muslims to fight unbelievers; 9:123 etc. They must know Koran tells Muslims that Allah curse other religions; like 48:28 etc. They must know that Non-Muslims are to be fought until religion is only for Allah; like in 8:39, 2:193 and etc. They must know that Koran says that people of other religions are to be violently punished in this world; like in 9:30, 4:76 and etc. non-Muslims must know that 19% of the Koran is devoted to violent conquest and subjugation of non-Muslim.

Monks at Nalanda never knew any of those Koran teachings. Indeed they may have been concern only about, as this writer says ‘compassion and love’ to others. And monks fled and Buddhism disappeared from India in the face of a crazy attacker.

It is absurd to expect this writer know about historical Muslim fanaticism or what had happened at Nalanda, when he considers all Muslims are peace loving egalitarians like smooth talking Imtiaz Bakir Markar. I am sure writer is clueless what Muslims had done to their own kind in this country. Would he otherwise preach us that all Sri Lankan Muslims are peace lovers?

Let me tell him first that Muslims in Sri Lanka are increasingly being coached under Wahhabis who themselves were indoctrinated in Medina and King Abdul Aziz Universities of Saudi on true Islam meaning Interpreting the Koran correctly. Bin Laden is a true Islamist. I bet the one who set the Boston bomb must be a true Islamist as well.

Whether we like it or not, Wahhabi Islam has become the trend in Sri Lanka for sometime now. We can feel of it more now from the Arab like cultural invasion. Wahhabis despise Sufis and for they think Sufis are not true Islamists.

A Sufi named Abdullah opened a Meditation Centre at Kattankudy in 1996. Wahhabis made an arson attack on the building on May 29 the same year. Abdullah died on Dec 6th 2006. Just nine days later, a Wahhabi mob invaded the Meditation Centre, knocked down the minaret and removed the body of Abdullah’s body and burned it. The houses of 117 Sufis were destroyed by the fire. Many Sufis fled the district, two were injured, and one lost an arm. Peace loving people. It won’t be long before Wahhabis take on Sinhala Buddhists on some pretext.

Now tell us; how do you compare that bit of Muslim act unleashed on a group of the same sect to action against all Muslims by all Buddhist organisations put together, eh? You are making a mountain out a molehole.

We have come to know true characters of candle light vigils. We don’t mind they stand with Wahhabis, only if they know what Wahhabis’s inside is like. Are you telling us that Monks have to be quiet when Mullahs of Wahhabi infested ACJU were roping every Sinhala manufacture to pay them millions and hang Halaal badge on their own produce? What do you mean by “hijacking the ideals of Buddhism”?

You may not know, but whenever there was a threat to the nation, Monks had come forward to tell us the truth and remind of the past and save the nation. That is exactly what BBS is doing now. Find an old book or a pamphlet and learn how Monks in this country saved Buddhism in the past while it was driven out from India.
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